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Rescuing dreams through


Alunos  Qualificação profissional do Ins

Richard - Qualifying student

I really like computer classes because it prevents us from being on the street and something bad happens. What I learned here I was unable to learn elsewhere. I also really like the team that goes to the favela to take baskets and my mother won one. You are a very strong team that did not stop even in the pandemic, even on television. Thank God I'm here and I'm fine.

Alunos  Qualificação profissional do Ins

Jessica - Qualifying student

The Institute helped me a lot because I didn't know how to use the computer. The administrative routine classes were the most important for me. I work in my grandfather's recycling shed and I do accounting and weighing and classes have helped me to have a better view of the business and to communicate better. My dream is to be a social entrepreneur and the Instituto Resgatando Vidas is my inspiration.

Aluna Alice da oficina de canto coral do

Alice - Student of the Choir

The classes helped me and fit in. I was very shy. I managed to make many friends and I am very happy because the classes changed my life in a way that nobody did. Today's Alice has nothing to do with before.

Aluno do polo (futebol) do Instituto Res

André - Football Student

After joining the Institute my life changed. I live in the community and had nothing to do and I was on the street. The institute was one of the best things that happened in my life.

You have the opportunity to rescue lives in your hands.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The projects developed by the Resgatando Vidas Institute depend on people and companies, who, like you, are good and want to be part of the solution to the problem.

Criança do instituto resgatando vidas se
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