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Who we are

The Resgatando Vidas Institute is one of the best, and best structured, nonprofit social organizations in the North Zone of São Paulo. Its main objective is to promote citizenship and social transformations through education and entrepreneurship among the population around the neighborhood of Vila Nova Cachoeirinha.

We are a family owned and operated business.

For this, we offer 7 workshops, 3 sports and 4 cultural, for children and teenagers, with the aim of working not only their skills in the activities of the workshops but also the social inclusion of students. For youth and adults, we offer training courses and professional qualification, aiming at better placing them in the job market and in their entrepreneurial careers, generating jobs and income for the local population.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The history of the Instituto Resgatando Vidas starts in 2014 carrying out social projects dedicated to the work of preventing drug trafficking and use, from this mission it decided to be an even more relevant NGO, not carrying out projects just for assistance, but generating real social transformation in the neighborhood in an impactful way.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The focus of Instituto Resgatando Vidas is to end drug trafficking in our neighborhood and turn drug dealers into sellers of cars, houses and clothes. Transform trafficking managers into bank and business managers, and so on.

We are a family owned and operated business.

With our work, we call the attention of one of the biggest NGO accelerators in Brazil, Gerando Falcões. Today we are one of the organizations that make up the elite of NGOs of the Gerando Falcões Network, we are among the first 10 accelerated, in addition to being the only NGO in the North Zone of São Paulo that is part of this network.

We will continue to rescue lives at our institutes through our innovative way of managing and with the support of Gerando Falcões we will go further and further.

Fachada Instituto Resgatando Vidas 2021.


Rescue dreams, change lives and generate opportunities through education through art, sports, entrepreneurship and professional qualification for residents of the North Zone of SP.


Change the reality of the peripheries of the North Zone of São Paulo, generating high impact social transformation. Creating bridges between the periphery and the center.


#TAMOJUNTO - Teamwork
#VAIKIDA - Persistence
#TRABALHODURO - Willingness to help
#PAPORETO   - Transparency
#PEGADAFORTE - Firmness in the purpose
#EHTUDONOSSO - Dedication
#EHNOIS - Motivation
#EUACREDITO - There are no impossible dreams.

Missao, visao e valores

You have the opportunity to rescue lives in your hands.

The projects developed by Instituto Resgatando lives depend on people and companies, who, like you, are good and want to be part of the solution to the problem.

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